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Celery Seed

12.19.17- Meredith Liggio
Dried celery seeds are steam distilled in the country of France to produce Young Living’s Celery Seed Vitality. This oil has a sweet, spicy odor and it is said to be strong and long-lasting.
Celery Seed was used historically for its calming, relaxing, and uplifting aroma. In ancient times Ayurvedic Medicine (originated in India more than 3,000 years ago) used celery seeds to treat colds, flus, water retention, poor digestion, and arthritis. Celery seeds continue to be used as a diuretic and for treating arthritis. Today it is also used in treating gout and reducing muscle spasms.
Celery Seed adds a pleasant aroma and taste to pickling blends and brines. The flavor is commonly described as earthy and grassy. Add it to your coleslaw and salad dressings for a unique taste. Celery Seed Vitality can also be used to seasoning poultry.

Overall, what is it good for?

  • Cooking
  • Calming, relaxing, and uplifting
  • Healthy digestion
  • Dietary supplement

Possible Uses of Celery Seed Vitality

  • Combine Celery Seed Vitality and Carrot Seed Vitality for an impactful flavor in your next vegetable or poultry-based soup.
  • Add 1–2 drops to the cooking water for rice and serve with baked poultry.
  • Add 1–2 drops of Celery Seed Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement as needed.

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