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Dream Catcher

04.17.19- Meredith Liggio

Have you ever made an Indian dream catcher? I once made one out of sticks and yarn; however, I have an authentic one in my log cabin in North Carolina made by a Navajo Indian. According to legend, the spider web design of the dream catcher, decorated with sacred beads and feathers, allows good dreams to pass through and down the to the sleeping child below, while the bad dreams are caught in the web. When the first light of day hits the dream catcher, the bad dreams disappear. Young Living’s Dream Catcher Essential Oil just might do the same thing!

Dream Catcher is a blend that is said to open the mind and enhance dreams. It may help one visualize their dreams and remember them until the dreams become a reality.  

Single Oils Contained in This Blend

Sandalwood high in sesquiterpenes, which have been discovered to increase oxygen in the pineal and pituitary glands are said to help alleviate depression and remove negative thoughts.

Tangerine a diuretic and decongestion of the lymphatic system, contains esters and aldehydes, which are sedating and calming to the nervous system. 

Ylang Ylang brings back feelings of confidence, joy, and peace. 

Black Pepper stimulates the endocrine system and increases energy. It may also help increase cellular oxygenation. 

Bergamot — may uplift and calm the emotions and help relieve anxiety, stress, and tension. 

Juniperevokes feelings of health, love, and peace.

Anisemay help calm and strengthen the digestive system. 

Blue Tansy — encourages a positive attitude and a sense of well-being. 

Dream Catcher may be diffused during the day, but it appears to be most effective during sleep. It is also used during meditation.

Apply Dream Catcher to the 3rd eye or brow chakra (forhead) or on the throat chakra (base of neck). It can also be applied on eye brows, temples, or behind the ears. For a lasting aroma, place a drop under the nose or on the pillow. If needed, dilute with Young Living’s V-6 oil coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

As a precaution, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 3 to 6 hours after use. 

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