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03.19.19- Meredith Liggio

Envision™ contains scents that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

Spruce helps to release emotional blocks, helping you feel balanced and grounded.

Geranium helps you to release negative memories, allowing you to open your mind and think positively.

Orange is calming and uplifting, helping to pull you out of any emotional funk and allowing you the mental capacity to look forward towards your goals.

Lavender enhances your mental acuity through increasing beta waves in your brain.

Sage has a purifying aroma that helps you overcome and dispel negativity.

Rose gives you a sense of balance and harmony, elevating your mind and bringing a sense of joy to your heart.

Envision™ essential oil blend renews your focus and stimulates your creative and intuitive abilities that are needed to achieve your goals and dreams. Renew your faith in the future, and reawaken your internal drive to overcome fear and emotional blocks, so you can move toward achieving your dreams and goals.

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