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My Story

I’m Melissa, and I confess – I’m an addict. I’m addicted to Lavender, Egyptian Gold, Oola Grow and Grounding…to name a few. I have to share my love for oils with everyone to help support my addiction. All kidding aside, this is sort of true.

I first discovered YL oils when my co-worker purchased a diffuser and brought a variety of oils to the office to diffuse. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they made me feel good. Little by little, I started researching these little gems and started using them for aches and pains, upset tummy, headaches, burns, etc. And they worked! Then after further research, and learning what an honest and transparent company YL is, I started to use their supplements. I’ve never felt better. Then I learned about all the chemicals that are in the products I was using to clean my home, my clothes, in the beauty products I was wearing, and now I want to go chemical-free everything! All I want to do is use them and tell the world about them.

I’m married to a wonderful man named Matt, and we have two awesome children, Austin and Kelsie. We also have two furry four-legged friends and one furry three-legged friend. We all (including the dogs!) use and enjoy as many YL products as we can afford right now. My goal is to rid my home of all chemicals and restock with all-natural cleaners and supplements. And keep on diffusing. And keep on drinking our Ningxia. And keep on cleaning with Thieves…