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Stinky Shoes

04.29.18- Meredith Liggio

My husband, Joe, said I had to let everyone know how Young Living saved the day. His favorite shoes looked great on the outside; however, they gave off a foul odor in the closet. I moved them out to the garage, but Joe got tired of keeping them there. So he ripped out the innersoles and replaced them with new ones. Twice! But the shoes still smelled disgusting.

Joe asked if I had an essential oil that could help with odors. Of course, I did! I use it in my diffuser every day.

Young Living actually has two oils that help alleviate odors, Citrus Fresh and Purification, and I had them both. I decided to compare the two essential oils by putting drops of Citrus Fresh on one cotton ball and Purification on another to keep in the shoes when Joe wasn’t wearing them.

This did not take care of the problem because our precious little Bella kept taking the cotton balls out or Joe misplaced the cotton balls himself. Joe then decided to put several drops of Purification directly on the innersole and on the inside sole of the shoes. Problem solved, no more odor, even after several weeks.

So there you have it, this is just more reason to never run out of Purification!




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