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Thieves® Dishwasher Powder

03.16.18- Meredith Liggio

The Thieves® Dishwashing Powder is my absolute favorite product that Young Living has. I will never again use anything else. When I first began using it, I was enjoying the sparking dishes and the fresh smell of the powder; however, Joe (my husband) was looking at something else.  He really surprised me when he pointed out that the dishwasher “black crud” was completely gone. No more cleaning and scrubbing my dishwasher! One small scoop of Thieves Dishwashing Powder cleans my dishwasher as well as my dishes. You may not get the “black crud” at the bottom of the dishwasher where you live, but it’s quite a problem in Louisiana. 

When I heard that someone was using the Thieves® Dishwasher Powder to clean the toilet, I had to try this. No scrubbing needed for my toilets now! This powder takes care of a newly formed ring right away. If you have a ring in your toilet that has been there for a while, it may not work as well for you, and you may need the technique below.

Follow these steps to get rid of that pesky ring. First, clean the toilet as usual.  Next, shut the water off and flush the toilet until all of the water is gone. Now it is time to use a pumice stone (only a $1 at  Dollar Tree) to scrub the toilet. My husband, Joe, has to do this part for me as I just do not have enough strength in my arms for this task, but you might be stronger than me.

Next time, you too can clean your toilet the easy way too! Sprinkle a half scoop of Thieves® Dishwasher Powder into the toilet and swish away. One more step in the right direction, get those chemicals out of your house!

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