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Thieves Laundry Soap

03.21.18- Meredith Liggio

Are you interested in washing your laundry using a plant-based formula that cleans without using chemicals and leaving a synthetic residue? If so, it is time to give Thieves Laundry Soap a try. It will leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean with a light citrus scent.

Thieves Laundry Soap is safe to use in all washers. The formula is highly concentrated and there should be enough in the 32 oz size ($29.50, wholesale price) to wash around 64 loads. For a conventional type washer, just add 1/2 cap. The high efficiency washer requires only 1/4 cap. Of course, if you have really dirty clothes or an extra large load, you can use more as needed.

Once you have the all natural washing powder, you will not want to use those nasty dryer sheets anymore. Purchase some woolen dryer balls and use these in your dryer instead. I bought my dryer balls from Amazon, my favorite shopping place. I just love it when packages come right to my door.

So there you have it, this is just one more way to get those pesky chemicals out of your house.

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