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12.27.17- Meredith Liggio

Thyme is a classic and a beloved kitchen herb used by many chefs and cooks all over the world. Concentrated steam distillation of the leaves, stems and flowers of the Thyme plant result into the essential oil known as Thyme Vitality. This essential oil can actually replace the dried herb in all of your favorite dishes.

Thyme oil has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It was used by the Greeks to protect against infectious illnesses and the Egyptians in the embalming process. It was also used for digestive and respiratory problems. It is one of the strongest antioxidant known and also has antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, hypertensive and calming properties.

Three naturally occurring elements are found in Thyme Vitality, thymol, para-cymene, and gamma-terpinenecan. The presence of these constituents make it perfect to be included as a supplement in your daily life.

Overall, what is it good for?

  • Digestive and respiratory problems
  • Infection
  • Cooking
  • Natural diuretic
  • Appetite stimulant

Possible Uses of Thyme Vitality

  • Put 1–2 drops in a gel capsule to take daily as needed to benefit from Thyme Vitality’s naturally occurring constituents.
  • For a delicious flavor use it in your next pasta or poultry dish.
  • Add a few drops to your marinade for meats and vegetables to add a rich, herby flavor.
  • Thyme Vitality adds a little zest to your favorite dips.

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