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Tranquil Roll-On

03.25.19- Meredith Liggio

Do you have trouble going to sleep at night? Well I do! My mind keeps working, while my body is tired and needs rest. Tranquil Roll-On along with Rutavallo Roll-On are my “go to” oils, when I need my brain to shut down. Tranquil is a blend of oils. Just take a look at the oils that make up Tranquil, and you will discover why it helps me to settle down at night.

Single Oils Contained in this Blend:

Lavender: Lavender helps to relieve tension and stress and supports healing. It can also be used on sore muscle. While I’m usually quite sensitive to lavender and stay away from it, I can use this blend, possibly because it is diluted with both fractionated and virgin coconut oil. With the roller ball, I can apply it directly under my big toe and away from eyes which are sensitive to the smell.

Cedarwood: This oil helps to open the pineal gland and is both calming and relaxing to the mind and body. I often used this oil in my bedside diffuser.

Roman Chamomile: This oil works as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. While I am allergic to anti-inflammatories (nseds), I am able to use oils to relieve my muscle tension. Roman Chamomile is both calming and relaxing.

Tranquil is a perfect combination of oils to help the body relax before going to bed. While I apply the oil to my toe, it can also be applied generously (according to directions) to your temples, back of neck, or wrists as needed. Dogs, horses, and cats can benefit from this oil if they have stress and anxiety.

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