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10.22.18- Brett Troxler

Valor is the oil of balance. Said to help balance the electrical energies within the body, Valor can help boost courage, confidence and self-esteem. Valor has an uplifting and powerful scent that could even work well as a subtle cologne. When diffused, its calming and affirming aroma can help to lift your mood in the morning or unwind and relax at day’s end.

In addition to the usual reasons people apply and diffuse valor, there are some other surprising uses, such as an aftershave ingredient or to support for a restful night of sleep (put a drop on your right big toe!).

For application, Valor is best used when rubbed on the bottom of your feet and up and down your spinal column. Some people even apply to one temple using the opposite hand (eg. left temple with fingers on the right hand) to promote its balancing properties. It can also be applied to the neck and chest as a sort of vapor rub when you don’t have a diffusor handy.

Overall, what is it good for?

  • Boost your mood and stay positive
  • Balance your spirit
  • Raise confidence and give courage
  • Spine pain relief
  • Massage oil

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