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What’s that?

05.06.18- Meredith Liggio

A year or so ago as I leisurely raised up my arms to stretch, my oldest sister, Alice, startled me with this remark, “What’s that?” pointing under my arm. Now I don’t wear sleeveless shirts often, but I had one on that day. I took a look to see what she was pointing at. It was something I had recently noticed myself!

Alice continued, “You need to show that to David (her husband the doctor).” I told her that I thought it was a mole, but she said that it wasn’t, so I began thinking back about a pimple (blackhead) I had there at one time.

Well, enough of that, I wasn’t going to show David that bump under my arm! So I turned to my oils like I usually do now that I am using Young Living Essential Oils, and found that Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolio) was used to treat acne. My treatment plan started immediately as I applied a drop of oil on the bump. I applied another drop of oil before I went to bed.

The very next day, a small speck of pus was coming from the bump. After a few days or so, it was as “Flat as a Pancake!”  Now, who says Essential Oils don’t work? 


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