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Nature’s Ultra Infused with Young Living Essential Oils

11.20.19- Michele Troxler

Did you know Young Living has partnered with Nature’s Ultra to bring you CBD products with the same purity and quality as Young Living’s essential oils? Unlike other CBD brands, Nature’s Ultra offers one-of-a-kind Smart Spectrum blends. It’s the only CBD product blended with Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade essential oils, and it’s backed by Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise.

The CBD industry is fairly new, which means other companies or brands may not be using the highest of standards in producing their product. Their CBD could contain synthetics, illegal levels of THC, contaminants, etc. With Young Living’s partnership with Nature’s Ultra, we can be certain of the quality of the CBD products.

Smart Spectrum™

You buy essential oils from Young Living because they are experts in farming, distilling, and testing and you want the same expertise when you harvest and extract your CBD oil. Nature’s Ultra products offer pure CBD with 0% THC, all paired with powerful Young Living essential oils.

Nature’s Ultra products are pure, potent, Seed to Seal certified, and unlike any other brand on the market, offer the benefits of Smart Spectrum™ CBD science. Because there are little to no CBD regulations and with the whole hemp plant you don’t know what you are getting, Nature’s Ultra created their own Smart Spectrum™ products. This provides the best way to control purity and efficacy.

Nature’s Ultra takes pure Seed to Seal Certified CBD isolate, which is the best way to ensure there is no THC and control purity. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about isolates versus full-spectrum oils. The term “full spectrum” is poorly defined and it currently means there are other compounds in the plant or “everything” in the plant is in the oil. We know, however, that full spectrum may contain other ingredients that you don’t want like THC, contaminants, or toxins. For these reasons, Nature’s Ultra has chosen to work with the pure CBD isolate.

Nature’s Ultra then adds Young Living’s pure essential oils to the CBD isolate. They are able to use leading knowledge of terpene chemistry to formulate specific combinations of CBD and natural terpenes to selectively broaden and round out the natural spectrum of Nature’s Ultra Products. The terpenes found in essential oils can increase the overall efficacy of a product and the terpene profile of hemp oil is minuscule compared to those of essential oils.

Anytime you use Nature’s Ultra products, or give them to your pet, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting pure, potent, clean, natural products, uniquely blended to work with your body in the smartest way.

How to Order?

To claim your PV on purchases from Nature’s Ultra, you’ll need to link your Young Living account to Nature’s Ultra. Look for the Nature’s Ultra CBD link posted in the VO under One-Time Order in the left navigation.

PV earned on Nature’s Ultra products cannot be applied to Young Living’s monthly PV promotion. Nature’s Ultra products are not available on Young Living Essential Rewards (ER), and ER points may not be earned or redeemed for purchases of Nature’s Ultra CBD.

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